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Sports at sca

SCA athletic programs are offered to students of Middle and High School age. Students are given the opportunity to build character through competitive sports. Decisions in regard to student eligibility lie with the teachers and coaches. Students must participate in mandatory practices in order to play in the games. Coaches determine playing time by the efforts and abilities exhibited in practice.

Please be aware that in some instances it may be necessary to limit the number of players on a given team.  In such cases, coaches will have the right to decide which players are allowed to remain on the team based on their judgment of the student's effort, attitude, and ability.


SCA is a member of the Carolina's Christian Athletic Association which consist of eight schools throughout North and South Carolina. Thus, the CCAA has the right to govern athletic events between conference schools. The CCAA follows the standard set forth by the National Federation of High Schools as well as the state associations. Students must be able to travel in order to participate in events.

In competitive situations, it is easy to become caught up in the moment. We ask that all students, coaches, and parents maintain a Christian attitude at sporting events. Conduct unbecoming a Christian reflects poorly on not only the individual but the school as a whole. If conduct is determined to be detrimental to the nature upon which we play, parents and/or students will be asked not to participate. Furthermore, sporting events are an extension of the school day. Thus, bad behavior at an on or off-campus sporting event may result in suspension or expulsion from school.

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